Copy Cat

Yesterday I received a tag on my Instagram from a follower with a picture that they drew of something I did. There tag had an apology attached to it. This person said “Crzy_Nevaeh_Art, I’m sorry for copying one of your drawings, but I really want to draw like you so I tried to do one of your pieces. I hope you like it and don’t mind.” I quickly took this conversation into a direct message because, first She shouldn’t have felt the need to apologize and I wanted her to know that. Second, I wanted to thank her for picking me as an artist to be like. Knowing that I inspired her, really inspired me to continue to do what I love to do. 

I asked her why she apologized, and her response was that a previous artist had spit out the copy right statement to her, even though this young girl had added her own touch to it. I was really appalled because that is exactly how I became better and better at drawing, by copying someone else’s work. It allowed me to work on my point of references, such as hands, and the way the face looks when looking up,down, to the side, etc, as well as hair and the placement of it. Of course as I got better I started to look at real people, and different poses. Would that not be considered copying a photograph? I always gave credit to the artist that inspired me, and in turn provided this same suggestion to this girl. 

This honestly just made me so dumb founded. It wasn’t like another artist, took someone else’s idea and attempted to sell it. It was a young girl who is an aspiring artist, and just wants to be good like everyone else. I did offer her with many other sites that I have found over the years, that can teach her how to draw. Ways that she can learn to pull an image from her head and place it on paper. I reminded her that she is always able to use pictures as a point of references and to not let this one person discourage her from being great! 

My nieces are always asking me to teach them how to draw, which in fact, I am horrible at! But I always give my nieces things I have done to look at to try and copy. I don’t see any harm in that. At the same time though, I am trying to play devils advocate and be understanding of the artist who feels that someone tried to copy there work. But I just can’t seem to understand. 

I hope you all are having a great week so far! It’s almost the weekend!


Today I did exactly what I said I would be doing. Nothing! I actually slept in (till 7am)! What I love about the weekends, is being able to wake up slowly. Play a few games on my phone, snuggle with my kitties, and check up on social media sites. Once I started moving, I had a little breakfast and sat on my couch and started drawing.

Last night, or this morning (if you read my previous post, you’ll understand), I had a dream about Ballerina’s. I also saw my self taking fake flowers, that are used for scrap booking and using them to create the clothing of a/any drawing. I have seen this before from other artist and love the way it looks. The different textures add a really neat touch to the drawing.

IMG_20141214_171025The drawing I worked on today was so much fun. Every mark I made I was totally satisfied. It did take me a few times to get the hand right. I was going to do the second similar to it, but I honestly did not want to spend that much more time on it. I cut flower petals off of scrap book flowers, and glues them to look like a layered skirt. I then used glitter for the shoes.

I hope you all like it, as much as I loved drawing it. I am going to do many more like this, and add a mat to it, possibly a Frame, and sell it at my store. Speaking of my store, I have been receiving a lot of visitor’s/viewers, but no purchases. I know that there is not a whole lot up there, but I am working on growing my inventory. I would love it if those reading/following my blog, could provide me with some feedback.  I am curious to know what People look for more often, and what designs attract someone’s eye.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Yay to Monday’s (insert sarcasm here)!

Amazing night


My oldest niece


My other niece

Today was a wonderful day. I spent the day with my mom, my other dad (too good to be called a step dad), my sister and her 2 daughters. It was a beautiful day. I didn’t really get to do anything creative tonight, but I’m ok with that.
We had a wonderful dinner and then watches the kids open presents. Its so funny to think when I younger how I loved  receiving gifts And now I love seeing their faces when they open a gift I bought them.

After that, I drove 30 mins to where I am now sitting in my car writing this blog from my phone. I’m sitting in a dark parking lot, which sometimes scares me. I am waiting for my father to show up. I help him every Sunday folding newspapers for the San Francisco chronicle. (Local newspaper for those who don’t live in California). I do it to help him out because otherwise it would take him 2 hours just to fold vs the 45 mins if I help him. Plus I love him :)


Tomorrow I am taking a day to myself. This could mean crocheting, drawing, playing video games, perhaps reading. Any who. I’m going to attempt to sneak in a quick nap before my dad gets here. Goodnight everyone.

Don’t be afraid to comment either. I’m interested in knowing what you guys are doing for the holidays?


I did it! I finished My first submission for the Xmas contest. I was determined to finish it before the weekend even really started. I worked a half day today, went shopping for Christmas gifts. I have a dinner tomorrow with my moms side of the family. I am not one who really enjoys shopping, for many reasons really. I am a get in and get out kind of person. I ended up going with my sister. We went to 4 different stores and were done in about 2.5 hours. 20 mins of that we spent eating lunch.

I went into a Hobby Lobby for the first time ever. OH MY GOODNESS!! That place is horrible for me. I will go bankrupt being in there lol. It’s like a Target, Pier one, & Michael’s in one. I don’t know how but I walked out of there not spending a single dime, however I did spy some things that I have to have so I will return….soon. =0P

I did get my new Prismacolor pencils, and sketch book. I have to say I thought the sketch book was going to be a little bigger, but that’s alright I can work w/ it. The color pencils I got were all skin tone related. I wanted them to be able to have

1212141539amore colors to help blend the colors together. I also got colorless blenders. First time I had seen them, but they are used to help blend the colors together, make them smoother. I have been using white for a long time, and it works but why not save the white pencil for when needed the most.

Any who, after shopping I rushed home and immediately started working on my drawing. I had to finish it today and I am so happy that I did. I still have a little more shopping to do, but I saved that for tomorrow. Tonight I am going to start sketching out a different Christmas scene. I plan on submitting at least two. Well I hope you enjoy the picture I have done thus far.


If you would like to see more of my work, please Check out my instagram. Also don’t forget to check out my store for some items on sale!

Stormy Night

Since early this morning, there have been terrible winds and rain all day. All though California is in desperate need of rain too much all at once is not a good thing. Flash flood warnings going off all day. Continue reading


Tonight I cannot make up my mind on what I want to do. I am stuck between finishing my friends blanket that I am crocheting, or starting on my Christmas picture. 1209141943 The blanket I am making consist of 12 big granny squares. Each one takes me roughly an hour. It is mainly Single Crochet (for my fellow crocheter’s lol) and bobble stitches which are fun, but man, I did not know what I was getting into when I started this blanket haha. Any who, I only need to do 3 more and then I can assemble them. I am so close to being finished!1209141944

I did start a little bit on my Christmas drawing, but I am not sure it is what I am looking for. I have so many images in my head that I want to do but then I get side tracked by all the other pictures in my head. The one I started on is a girl behind a wreath and then I was going to add present’s and possibly a little Christmas town (picture below).  The other image I have in my head is a reflection off of an ornament of a little kid opening their present’s by the fire. Now that I am writing about it I am thinking I might just do both. I have two weeks till Christmas so it might be possible. 

1209141945bI will continue to post the progress of this drawing. I usually post them on my Instgram account.

If you guys have questions? Suggestions? or just want to say hi! Leave a comment. I love to meet new people no matter where or how. Hope everyone as a wonderful night. Tomorrow is HUMP day! Thank goodness for that. I am burnt out from work. (wish I                                                                                       was 15 again lol).

Too Many

Have you ever had too many ideas, that you didn’t know where to start first? Well that’s what I am going through now. I have started to write down on each page of my sketch book a different idea of things to draw. I have a drawing for a competition that I need to finish by the end of the week. I hope I can get it in on time, but if not, it will be another piece to add to my Instagram (

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